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ATLETA.ca is a student-athlete centered organization dedicated to the advancement of the recruitment process in Canada. Our goal is to connect athletes and collegiate level coaches to promote university and college sport participation and aid in the development of sport in Canada. Oh, and we’re pretty fun! See More

What We Do

Have you ever wondered how athletes get recruited into university or college sports?  How do the schools find their recruits?  What happens if a scout watches part of your game and you didn’t show well?  Are your chances of playing sports for that school now over?

Well we wondered this as well.  So, we created Atleta. See More


Men's Soccer

It doesn’t matter whether you call it soccer or football — whichever one you call it, there is j…


Women's Soccer

It doesn’t matter whether you call it soccer or football — whichever one you call it, there is j…


Men's Volleyball

That first perfect set, do you remember it? The ball seemed to be floating on air as it gracefully c…


Women's Volleyball

That first perfect set, do you remember it? The ball seemed to be floating on air as it gracefully c…


Men's Hockey

 When you are a hockey player, the simple smell of a rink takes you back. The gas fumes from th…


Women's Hockey

 When you are a hockey player, the simple smell of a rink takes you back. The gas fumes from th…


Men's Basketball

Basketball is a sport that has become infamous for amazing athletes, star-studded lineups and of cou…


Women's Basketball

Basketball is a sport that has become infamous for amazing athletes, star-studded lineups and of cou…

Latest News

  • 3 / 11 / 2018

    November 2018 Athlete of the Month 

    Meet: Jacee Turner Sport: Women’s Volleyball (Right) Preferred Position: Right Side Secondary Position: Power Gender: Female Province: Manitoba Age: 17 Years GPA: A Graduating Year: 2019 Height: 5′ 9″ Jersey Number: 6 About: I am a student in grade 12 at Warren Collegiate, who leads my school volleyball team, while maintaining a 93% average. I’m..

  • 1 / 10 / 2018

    October 2018 Athlete of the Month

    Meet Micheal O’Flynn Sport: Men’s Soccer Preferred Position: Goal Keeper Secondary Position: Striker City: North Vancouver Country: Canada State: British Columbia Date of Birth: Jul 12, 2002 Age: 16 Years GPA: B+ Graduating Year: 2020 Height: 5′ 10″ Jersey Number: 1 BC Soccer’s Premier League Mountain United FC’s U13 & U15 Provincial Championship team member,..

  • 1 / 8 / 2018

    August 2018 Athlete of the Month

    Meet: Mary-Beth White-Bothe Sport: Women’s Soccer (Right) Preferred Position: Striker Secondary Position: Left Wing City: Garibaldi Highlands , Squamish Country: Canada State: British Columbia Date of Birth: Sep 13, 2002 Age: 15 Years GPA: A Jersey Number: 2 I have had a passion for soccer since the 2nd grade. I strive to keep a high..

  • 25 / 7 / 2018

    30 Day RISK FREE Trials

    We’re so confident that you are going to love Atleta, that we’re giving you access to our entire network, on us, for 30 days! Sound too good to be true?  It’s not. Join Canada’s ONLY athletic recruitment network today by clicking here, and entering promo code: ONEMONTHFREETRIAL  

  • 22 / 7 / 2018

    Atleta Welcome’s Aviators Basketball Club

    We’re so excited to welcome Aviators Basketball Club of Edmonton, Alberta to the Atleta family!!  We think it’s amazing to see a club supporting their athletes’ dreams of playing university to college basketball in Canada.  Hats off to you Aviators!! The Aviators Basketball Club is a grassroots initiative to create a home for basketball players, coaches,..

  • 14 / 6 / 2017

    What the scouts are ACTUALLY looking for

    I remember like it was yesterday. My coach came into the locker room senior year and took me and a few of other stars aside. He simply said, “guys… there are scouts here.

  • 21 / 8 / 2017

    What is wrong with me?

    ‘Why am I doing this to myself?’ I hear you ask. You could be at home binge watching Game of Thrones while crushing a giant bag of boom chicka pop. But no. Instead, you head off to training to push your body to the limit, mentally exhaust your brain BEFORE tackling the 2 hours of..

  • 22 / 6 / 2017

    University Visits

    You hear the phone ring, your mom answers and then you get passed the phone. You say “Hello?” and your dream school’s athletic director is on the other line, inviting you for a college visit. Oh god, now what do I do?!?! Well here at Atleta, we have some great tips on how to prepare..

  • 16 / 1 / 2018

    UBC Thunderbird Athlete Interview

    Want to know what a student athlete’s life is really like?    Meet Jasmin Mander and Marisa Mastropieri.  Both are members of the UBC Thunderbirds Women’s Soccer team, and they talk real life, schedules, the ups and the downs of student-athlete life with Atleta.

  • 22 / 6 / 2017

    U Sport Conference Reviews – RSEQ

    Parlez-vous francais? Now not needed, but if you are thinking of heading to the RSEQ you might need to start brushing up on the other official language. Here at Atleta, we look to continue our review of the conferences with our three metrics, location, athletics and academics, with the conference that makes it home in..

  • U Sport Conference Reviews – Ontario University Athletics – West

    We have made our way around the country, and will finish off with the most dominant conference across all sports, and how are you even surprised? The Ontario University Athletics conference is split into two divisions, and we will be diving into the western conference first, or otherwise known as the little city conference. Naturally,..

  • U Sport Conference Reviews – Ontario University Athletics – East

    We have reached the final conference, and well the West conference of the OUA is truly a powerhouse. It is home to Toronto, Kingston and Ottawa schools, and well let’s just say there are a few dollar bills in the endowments of these institutions. Naturally, these schools will be scored using our three metrics, location,..

  • U Sport Conference Reviews – Canada West – Prairies

    The rolling hills of Saskatchewan, and the mountains of Alberta… oh yeah and Manitoba, I always forget about Manitoba. These provinces are the home to the Canada West Prairie Division. As we move East from the prior Pacific Divisions review, the schools in the Prairie Division are home to some of the biggest powerhouses in..

  • U Sport Conference Reviews – Canada West – Pacific

    Ok, I am just going to go out and say it, if you have an offer from any of these schools take it. It is the Pacific Coast… you know what never mind! We switch our focus to the Western half of the country, in this article that is going to review the schools in..

  • 14 / 8 / 2017

    The value of playing university or college sports

    Besides the competition, suiting up for a university or college team may seem like a daunting task. You have to not only perform on the field to keep your scholarship, but you will need to compete in the classroom for great grades, and somehow balance a social life. This has left many pondering if university..

  • 7 / 7 / 2017

    The Do’s and Don’t’s of Game Film

    When it comes to producing a top end game film for scouts, the task can seem a little daunting. No matter how much editing software you invest in, or the amount of time crafting the film, it still does not seem perfect. Relax, game film is an essential part of a scout’s process, but you..

  • 22 / 6 / 2017

    Summer Camps- The Questions and Answers you have been looking for

    Ah the Summer, when you get to kick back and relax with no worries such as school or homework. But if you are a high-performance athlete, we all know that the Summer is not an offseason. Depending on your sport, the Summer either means you are going to be mid-season, or you are going to..

  • 14 / 7 / 2018

    StFX, SMU, Dalhousie – decisions decisions decisions.

    CanadaPeggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia I’ve been in Nova Scotia for the past 4 days and had the pleasure of visiting all 3 of these incredible campuses.  Let’s just say, my eyes have been opened to the east coast advantages! I would also like to say that visiting these schools gave me a renewed sense of..

  • 28 / 8 / 2017

    Recruiting visits: The questions I asked

    If you have already done the hard work of getting one foot in the door, literally in the door of the gates to a prospective new school, the next portion you are responsible for is the preparation of your university recruiting visit. If you think you can show up to the visit like you will..

  • 18 / 7 / 2017

    Recruiting 101

    High school is a difficult time, you are balancing friends, sports and of course your future. Atleta is a road to your future in U Sports/CCAA, and no matter what sport you are pursuing, the basics of recruiting 101 remain the same. We are going to dive into some of the things you need to..

  • 14 / 10 / 2018

    October 2018 Interview of the month

    Meet Paul Armbruster Associate Director of Athletics and Recreation Ambrose University A:How have you found your recruits in the past? PA: Our coaches have found recruits in several ways of attending tournaments, athletes contacting us, alumni and supporters letting us know about potential players, etc. A:What do you look for in a new recruit? PA:..

  • 18 / 2 / 2018

    Need help with more than just connecting?

    We gotcha! Want to know more about how to get recruited for athletics in Canada?   Join us for one of our webinars and let us guide you.  What you will learn: What the recruitment process in Canada looks like. How athletic recruiting is evolving in Canada How to make yourself or your athlete stand out..

  • 1 / 8 / 2018

    My Saskatchewan Tour

    As my Saskatchewan tour comes to an end, I look back on my time there with surprise and admiration.  Commonly known for its grain farming and potash, “Sask” also bills itself as the “Land of Living Skies” as it has magnificent sunsets, blue skies with puffy white clouds, northern lights, awesome storm skies, etc. I..

  • 4 / 5 / 2018

    May 2018 Coach Interview

    Meet: Tory Walker School and Sport : Providence University College Women’s Soccer Tell us a little bit about you: Hi my name is Tory Walker and I am the women’s soccer coach at Providence University College. I was born and raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario and now live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I love the game..

  • 1 / 3 / 2018

    March Coach’s Interview

    Meet Ken King Red Deer College Women’s Basketball A: Tell us a little bit about you KK: This is my fourth season at RDC and we are seeing great progress with our group. There is a core that has moved from their first year to, now, third-year together and they are really beginning to flourish..

  • 15 / 6 / 2018

    June 2018 Coach of the Month

    Meet: Paul Pedersen – University of British Columbia, Men’s Soccer  A: Tell us a little bit about you: PP: I’m very proud to be part of the most decorated Men’s University Soccer program in Canada. The professional environment and world-class facilities make it a joy to come to work every day. A: How have you found..

  • 8 / 1 / 2018

    January Coaches Interview

    Meet Alexander Elliot – Head Coach Men’s Soccer, Quest University Alex is a former pro soccer player turned coach with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Listen to his advice on university athletics, the do’s and don’t, and what to look out for as a student-athlete.  

  • 16 / 1 / 2018

    I’ve connected with a coach, now what?

    So, you’ve liked, been liked, and now you are able to chat.  Ahhhhhhh, terrifying, right?  Need some help?  Don’t worry, we gotcha! According to the interviews we’ve been doing with coaches across the country, these are some great conversations starters, questions, and general tips to help you along the way First off – Say something..

  • 27 / 7 / 2017

    How to say no

    No, it seems to be an easy thing to say. However, when you are on the line with an athletic director or coach, saying no to an offer can be one of the hardest things that a young player can do. Here at Atleta, we want to get you to the next level, but we..

  • 2 / 5 / 2018

    How to say “Hi” to a Coach

    Hi athletes!  It’s Kim here, Founder of Atleta.  I’m writing today to hopefully help out with a problem that I see happening on the Atleta platform all too often.  How to actually start a conversation with a coach that you have connected with.   Scary right?  Nah, we got you! Below are some simple steps to..

  • 21 / 11 / 2017

    How to know a coach is interested in you

    Recruiting can be a bit of stressful time in a young athlete’s life, and here at Atleta, we like to make things a little easier. Recruiting is much like dating, you are trying to figure out if a coach likes you or not, and you are not really sure the signs they are giving out..

  • 8 / 7 / 2018

    How To Find Your Right Fit School

    If you’re worried about finding the “right fit” school, program and coach for you, look no further.  Atleta is here to help. Step 1 What are your interests?  Are you interested in physical education? music? math? sciences? business?  Focus on a major that will interest you and discover careers around that.  If you have multiple interests,..

  • 25 / 12 / 2017

    Holiday Message from our Founder

    What a year it’s been 2017 has been an incredible year for us here at Atleta. From concept, to creation, to launch….. and everything in between, it’s been a year of growth and learning. We are incredibly proud of our platform and are super stoked to be able to share it with you! Above all..

  • 22 / 6 / 2017


    When one thinks of a sports scholarship, we automatically think of the amazing scholarships and full rides that are plentiful in the NCAA system. However, U Sports is no the NCAA, and the system for scholarships is very strict. In this article, we are going to first look at the particulars of athletic scholarships here..

  • 1 / 2 / 2018

    February Coaches Interview

    Meet Augy Jones – Head coach, StFX Women’s Basketball As a former Student-athlete himself, Augy has a great perspective on what it takes to be successful both on and off the court.  We were super excited to interview him, and look forward to sharing his insights with you!

  • 3 / 10 / 2017

    Failure: just a bump in the road

    Being discouraged is normal. Feeling like something isn’t going right for you or falling flat on your face can definitely put a dent on your day-to-day attitude. But to feel alone on your journey and to feel like you are the only one that could possibly be going through this is common, but not necessarily..

  • 4 / 3 / 2018

    Ella Lee – A Recruitment Story

    Hi Everyone!  Its Kim here, founder of Atleta.  I’m so happy to be writing this blog post today.  Not only is it an example what a  roller coaster ride recruitment can be,  but it is also the story of a young woman who is close to my heart, and earned every bit of her success…

  • 11 / 12 / 2017

    December’s Coach Interview

    Read below as Atleta Founder, Kim Peterson, interviews Jack Reddy – Technical Coach for the University of Lethbridge Women’s Soccer Team KP: Tell us your name and little bit about yourself JR:  My name is Jack Reddy. I have been coaching for over 26 years. Have coached/clinics in Australia, New Zealand, USA, India and Canada…

  • 5 / 4 / 2018

    Atleta Women’s Showcase 2018

    What a showcase it was! Now that we’ve had a few days to recover, we’re so happy to share the details of our very first showcase event. We hosted teams from across the province in a scouting showcase on Easter Monday.  We had varsity coaches from all across the country and we couldn’t have been..

  • 1 / 4 / 2018

    April 2018 Coach Interview

    Meet Jamie MacLean School and Sport: Algonquin College Women’s Basketball A: Tell us a little bit about you: JM: I and the Head Coach of the Algonquin College Thunder. I am just about to complete my first season as head coach. I have been coaching basketball for over 15 years, everything from camps to high..

  • 2 / 8 / 2017

    A message from our founder

    Now that my baby has launched, I’ve been asked several times why I started it.  Simple; because it was needed. 6 years ago, I moved to Vancouver from Lethbridge AB via Calgary, and Kelowna.  5.5 years ago, I started coaching soccer.  It was an experience that forever changed my life. As a lifetime soccer player..

  • 24 / 7 / 2018

    A few of Alberta’s best Colleges and Universities.

    Along my travels, I’ve been lucky enough to spend some time in my home province of Alberta. Known for its beef, oil fields, beautiful prairie scenery, hockey rivalries, and of course the Calgary stampede, Alberta has a plethora of top ranked universities and colleges for any program you are looking to take. Although I didn’t get..

  • 1 / 2 / 2018

    5 tips to help you write your Atleta Bio

    Stuck on the bio part of your Atleta profile?  Not sure how to start, what to write, or how to sound professional?  Let us give you some tips and get you on your way. The first step is to lead with your athletic accomplishments.  A coach may not read the entire bio, so make sure..

  • 22 / 6 / 2017

    5 Helpful Tips for Parenting a Student Athlete

    Being the parent of an athlete can be a difficult challenge, but it’s important to foster independence and confidence in your athlete before they get to college. Just by playing sports, kids pick up a several essential qualities for being a student-athlete along the way like commitment, self-discipline, focus, work ethic, and the ability to..

  • 6 / 11 / 2017

    5 Facts you Need to Know about Full Ride Scholarships in the USA

    A full ride, it seems to be the dream of any student-athlete that is looking to continue onto a collegiate career. However, there are some key facts that you need to know before signing the dotted line, especially if you are looking to play down south. 1) Headcount sports offer only full-ride scholarships NCAA sports..

  • 6 / 7 / 2018

    2018 Roadshow kicks off!

    Hi All!  Its Kim here…. posting from the road.  Over the next 6 weeks, I’ll be travelling across this amazing country of ours speaking to clubs, teams, provincial organizations, and presenting at summer camps in conjunction with some of our post-secondary schools.  And I’m super pumped! The roadshow kicked off last week with a few stops in..

  • 10 / 10 / 2017

    10 things I wish I knew before playing University Soccer….What the brochures didn‘t prepare me for.

    You think you have done all the research you can, so that when you get to your freshmen year, it will be a breeze. You think you dominated that,“ know before you“ go, phase. You think you got it in the bag, just like the rest of your athletic career that has led you to..