Join the Atleta Summer Roadshow


Save the date

Listed below are the “save the date” days and locations.  Please see item 3 for confirmed dates and locations.  We will updates these regularly 

June 26 – July 2  – Interior BC

July 3 – 8 – Alberta 

July 8 – 16 – PEI and Nova Scotia 

July 17 – 20 – Ontario

July 22 – 26 – Saskatchewn 

July 27 – Aug 2 – Manitoba 

August 6 – 11 – New Brunswick 

August 13 – 18 – Ontario 


The Events


  • What the recruitment process in Canada looks like. 
  • How athletic recruiting is or isn’t evolving 
  • How to make yourself or your athlete stand out and gain attention
  • Questions to ask prospective coaches
  • Do’s and Don’t on video footage
  • Pro tips from coaches
  • Resources (funding, sports psych, etc)

Hear from coaches

Each session will have in person or recorded content from current varsity coaches.  Get the most accurate advice you can on the recruitment environment and how to become successful. 


Ask questions directly to Atleta, or our coaches, and get the answers you were looking for!


Event confirmations

We will list every confirmed event date, time and location here.  Please check back for events near you!


Every Sunday Morning from July 8, 2018 – August 19th, 2018, we will be hosting webinars.   Please register below and join us!  

Calgary, Alberta

May 23, 2018, Time and location TBA.  Will be open to Men’s and Women’s Soccer Athletes

Canmore, Alberta

June 16, 2018, Time and location TBA.  Event will be in conjunction with the Soccer College Showcase, and will be open to athletes and families in all sports!

Antigonish, Nova Scotia

2 events to choose from! July 11, or July 15.  Location – StFX Campus (exact room will be sent out) and time TBA.  Will be held in conjunction with the Atlantic First 50 Showcase and is open to athletes and families in all sports!

Regina, Saskatchewan

July 23, 2018, ICP Sport athletes ONLY

Regina, Saskatchewan

July 24, 2018, University of Regina.  Event is ONLY open to FC Regina athletes.  

Regina, Saskatchewan

July 25, 2018, University of Regina in conjunction with the University of Regina elite camps.  Open to athletes and families in all sports. 

Winnipeg, Manitoba

August 2, 2018 –  7PM.  Event will be run in partnership with Sport Manitoba, and will be open to all coaches, provincial association members, athletes and families.

Fredericton, NB

August 7th – 9 – Basketball nationals at UNB.  We will be confirming the dates and locations for the events.  Will be open to athletes and families from all sports 

London, Ontario

August 10 , 2018, 1:00pm at Fanshawe College.  Open to athletes and families in all sports!

London, Ontario

August 13 , 2018, 10:30 am at Fanshawe College.  Open to athletes and families in all sports!



Let's be friends...

Reserve your spot TODAY and/or tell us which cities you’d like us to stop in.  We love this country and can’t wait to visit everywhere we can!

Email: help@atleta.ca



Private Events

Want an event just for your team or club?

We get that!  So let us help you.  Click below and give us some details, and we’ll create an event to fit your needs!