5 tips to help you write your Atleta Bio

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Stuck on the bio part of your Atleta profile?  Not sure how to start, what to write, or how to sound professional?  Let us give you some tips and get you on your way.

The first step is to lead with your athletic accomplishments.  A coach may not read the entire bio, so make sure to put the good stuff first.  Talk about athletic accomplishments, accolades, and awards first and team accomplishments.  Make sure you get specific.  If you are a goal scorer, don’t just say you score goals.  Say how many in a season or campaign.  Give as much detail as possible. Be careful not to repeat information that is already in your profile such as your preferred or secondary position, height, GPA, etc.  You have a 500 character limit, and they will already be aware of this information, so use your words wisely.

Secondly, mention the team and league you play for.  This will give the coach a good idea of your level, and if so inclined, he or she can check out your teams’ stats or even schedules online (if available).

Don’t forget your academic achievements. Highlight things like standardized test scores, honours/AP classes, favourite subjects, and any potential majors you are interested in. Many athletes think just because they are good at a sport, a coach won’t care about their academic profile. Both USport and CCAA schools have academic standards and team academic performance is now more important than ever. Coaches are looking for athletes that will help raise their team’s overall academic profile. If you fall into this category, coaches want to know it!

Discuss other interests as well.  If you have been involved in other sports, training programs, volunteer efforts, or other activities, it would be worth a mention.  This gives the coach an insight into you as a complete person, not just an athlete.

Lastly, be yourself.  Show your personality and make it an easy read for any coach.  Coaches want to get to know their potential recruits for the people they are, so let your personality shine.  Take a breathe and don’t get too stressed out!



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