I’ve connected with a coach, now what?

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So, you’ve liked, been liked, and now you are able to chat.  Ahhhhhhh, terrifying, right?  Need some help?  Don’t worry, we gotcha!

According to the interviews we’ve been doing with coaches across the country, these are some great conversations starters, questions, and general tips to help you along the way

First off – Say something

If a coach has accepted your connection request, don’t just sit there staring at it.  Say SOMETHING.  Literally, anything.   Tell the coach something about yourself, give a little background on you and what you are looking for, or simply say ‘hi”.  Just make sure there is something!  If the coach has liked you on Atleta, that shows that they are interested.  But it is now back to you to show them why they want you on their team.  Show your personality and be assertive.  If you are in the same geographic region, invite them to a game or training session.  If you aren’t, direct them to your video.  Point out something specific that you are particularly proud of that will peak their interest.  Show some initiative and shows the coach you truly are interested in playing for his/her team.  That coach likely receives a few likes, chats, connection requests, and emails, so make sure you show your unique personality.

Ask quality questions about the school, the team, and the coach.  Here are a few examples:

What style of play does your team utilize?  – You want to make sure this is a style that works for you as a player, and one that you will enjoy being a part of

How many players are on your roster? – Roster sizes are important in determining how much playing time you can expect.  Keep in mind that teams will have starters, subs and red shirts or training players (players who train with the team but don’t play in games), so these are all things you should know.  Follow up questions can also relate to how many players play your positions and what year of studies they are in.  If there is a starter in your position that is in their second year, you may not get the playing time you were hoping for, for at least few years to come.

What does our training schedule look like? – Keep in mind that preseason, regular season, and postseason will all have different schedules, but knowing these will help you plan your courses and workload.

Do you offer athletes study groups? – A lot of schools offer these and they can be very helpful in making sure you keep on top of your school work.

Are there any players that have the same major as you on the team? Keep in mind there may be hours spent on buses.  This time is often used for school work, and how handy would it be if there was someone on the team doing the same courses?

Always remember that coaches are not only looking for great players to add to their squad, but also want great people to integrate and fit in with pre-established team dynamics.  Don’t ever be afraid to be you!


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