A few of Alberta’s best Colleges and Universities.

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Along my travels, I’ve been lucky enough to spend some time in my home province of Alberta. Known for its beef, oil fields, beautiful prairie scenery, hockey rivalries, and of course the Calgary stampede, Alberta has a plethora of top ranked universities and colleges for any program you are looking to take.  


Although I didn’t get to visit every campus, the few I did, were not only fantastic, but also unique in every way.  On your quest to finding the best college or university in Canada, have a read below about my experiences, and enjoy learning a little more about Alberta’s post-secondary schools.

U Of A - Top 5 University in Canada

I truly wasn’t sure if I knew where the campus ended and the city began when I first arrived at the  University of Alberta.  The outer campus building looked more like the downtown of a city than your typical campus. But once inside the campus, it began to feel more campus-ee.  Ton’s of open green spaces where bundles of students can gather, walking paths to each building with plenty of lighting and signage to guide your way along this large campus. 

Home to older sports and recreation facilities, the iconic butter dome is hard to miss.  Inside, I found a huge track, multi-sport courts, and plenty of stadium seating to accommodate the large student population cheering on their Golden bears and Pandas.  While touring myself around the facility, I overheard an official tour happening, and learned that the butterdome is home to the world record for the largest dodgeball game ever played.  #fact

The University of Alberta is one of the top ranked universities in Canada, and offers a massive number of programs, a unique experience in the capital city of Alberta, and a sporting culture that leads to excellence in achievements. 

Steps away from Jasper Ave. and a stone’s throw away from the new Rogers Place (home of the Edmonton Oilers), Grant MacEwan University offers an education, and a lifestyle for its students. 


The first thing I noticed upon my arrival was the unique architecture (Note the photo).  The large towers jetting from multiple campus buildings, juxtaposed against the blue Alberta skies, took my breath away.  Simply… stunning.


 While visiting the campus in July, I couldn’t help but notice all the construction happening in the summer.  Expansion and renovation seem to be a priority for this school. The athletics department was housed in its own building (called 108) and boasted impressive facilities for Griffin athletes and the community alike.  Not all facilities were housed here as it would be nearly impossible to squeeze all this school offers into one building.  For more information on the athletic facilities, click http://macewangriffins.ca/information/facilities

MacEwan supports athletes competing in basketball, cross country, curling, golf, hockey, indoor track, soccer and volleyball.    

RDC offers more than 100 different credit programs, housed in seven Schools. Programs include: trades, certificates, diplomas, graduate certificates and applied degrees, as well as collaborative degrees with their partners. RDC also offers a variety of programs and courses in their School of Continuing Education. A point of interest is that RDC has recently been approved as a university, and their transition into offering university programming will make it a school to watch. 


The first thing I noticed upon entering the campus is the construction of the new (and very impressive) Gary W. Harris Canada Games CentreThis massive new building will be the future home of High performance and recreational athletic training and playing venues.  As the building was under construction at the time of visit, I wasn’t personally able to tour it.  I did however, have the pleasure of speaking with RDC’s Women’s basketball head coach Ken King.  According to Ken, “we are excited to have such a stellar facility and the opportunities are so exciting to be able to host local, National, and even international competitions in multiple sports”

As the home of the Calgary stampede, the flames and stampeders, and one of the countries finest universities’, the U of C represents Calgary almost poetically.  A mix of brick and mortar, with new world design, innovation, and architecture

Home to the Dino’s, this school takes a unique approach to its programs.  Grouping its offering into 6 categories (Artistic, conventional, enterprising, investigative, realistic, and social) gives its future students a unique perspective into program choices. 

Offering basically any sport you can think of, becoming a dino might be the right fit for you. To read more about the dino’s values and mission statement, and to see if this aligns with your goals, click here. http://www.godinos.com/sports/2008/5/29/mission.aspx

,My Alma Mater (go pronghorns), located on the west side of Lethbridge Alberta, the U of L is uniquely designed to fit into the cities naturally occurring coulee (small, beautiful, bot horrible to run up and down, rolling hills) landscape


The growth that this school has gone under in the past 20 years is incredible.  As I was lucky enough to speak at one of the ID camps being held at this school, I drove in with a sense of nostalgia.  Toured around some of the brand new building (there’s a lot of them) and parked near the renovated athletics department.  My plan was to meet the teams at the soccer field. I parked, and began to walk in the direction of the field.  Wait… what? Where’s the field?  What used to be a field and running track, was now a new a beautiful building.  I had to google, in my home town and my former school, “where is the u of L soccer field?”. 


A brand new stadium lay in wait minutes down the road.  With seating for what looked like likely thousands, it was equipped with change rooms, field houses, maintenance, washrooms, offices, and of course, a concession stand.  #upgrade.

U of L has been known for a very long time for its outstanding education program, but it should also be pointed out, that The University of Lethbridge is one of Canada’s most influential research universities, and is committed to providing students with an unparalleled university experience. It offers more than 150 undergraduate programs.

Home of the Kodiaks, Lethbridge College offers over 50 career-training programs, applied degrees and apprenticeships including practical nursing and criminal justice. 

Home to a brand new Trades, Technologies and Innovation Facility which opened in Sept 2017, LC is positioning itself as an innovative and forward moving institutions In Alberta.

 The Kodiaks have a rich history of athletic excellence in both the ACAC and the CCAA, and currently, men’s and women’s Kodiak athlete’s compete in Basketball, cross country, futsal, indoor track, soccer, and volleyball. 



I would classify Medicine Hat College as a smaller school that offers a big bang when it comes to programming.   Offering certificates, diplomas, degrees and university transfer programs, this school is worth your consideration.

The Campus is easy to navigate and like many colleges, would make for an easy transition from high school into post secondary schooling.  The campus’s residence was located directly across from the school to lessen transportation worries.  Home of the Rattlers, medicine hat varsity teams participate in (men’s and women’s) basketball, golf, futsal, soccer, and volleyball.  I’d most definitely suggest exploring this Alberta college as a great option for educational programs, transfer options, and athletic experience. 

I hope this post has helped you on the search for the perfect “right fit” university or college in Canada.  College rankings and university rankings can be confusing, so just remember to focus on what is right for YOU.  If you want to be a university athlete or a college athlete, as well as s student, make sure you find the school that can help you on your way to both goals!  

Stay tuned for more posts!

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