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Now that my baby has launched, I’ve been asked several times why I started it.  Simple; because it was needed.

6 years ago, I moved to Vancouver from Lethbridge AB via Calgary, and Kelowna.  5.5 years ago, I started coaching soccer.  It was an experience that forever changed my life.

As a lifetime soccer player and more than avid supporter of the beautiful game, coaching filled a void that I didn’t realize I had.  Giving back.  As an assistant coach on a high-performance boys soccer team, I learned the ropes of coaching.  The intensity, the push, the pressure, the expectations.  I saw how much skill, effort and drive these athletes have, and how much they truly wanted to become better players.   I learned how to coach, how to demonstrate, how to explain, and unbeknownst to me, how to care for each and every athlete I coached.

3 years ago, I became the head coach of a U16 girls team.  My first-time coaching girls…. Yikes.  I’m not going to lie, I was terrified.  In our first year, we managed to be crowned provincial champs and I became truly compassionate to the plight of my players.  The plight being, now that they realized just how good they truly were as players, whats next?  There seemed to be a constant worry about their future.  “How did you know what to did take in University, Kim?”.  “How did you decide where to go, Kim?”.  “How do I get seen in order to be recruited, Kim?”.  All good questions, without good answers.  And as a coach, I am meant to have the answers.  This didn’t work for me.

Still being relatively new to Vancouver, and not having as many connections in the coaching world as other coaches, I was also growing more fearful that I may actually hinder my players chances for recruitment.  Learning more and more about how to get scouts out to see games, who gets invites to ID camps, and how many times a coach calls a “buddy” to get a player seen, discouraged me.  The last thing I could ever allow was for my players to be behind the ball (excuse the pun) because their coach wasn’t well connected.  Again, this didn’t work for me

I have also seen hundreds of quality soccer players exit their athletic careers early, without even the chance of being recruited.  Not because they aren’t good enough…. Simply because they may not have the opportunity.  Whether it be financial concerns, lack of exposure, location, or simply not knowing how to start, I kept seeing players being overlooked. The system was failing them.  One last time… this didn’t work for me.

And if this was true for soccer, I could only imagine it would be for a lot of other sports as well.

Thus, I went to work on my child; Atleta.ca.  Atleta attempts to bridge the gap between strong, skillful, hard working players and the coaches who need them.  With unique features, such as customizable searches, individual profiles, event check ins and much more, my hope is Atleta will be one of the tools that makes sure no athlete gets left behind 🙂

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