Atleta Women’s Showcase 2018

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What a showcase it was!

Now that we’ve had a few days to recover, we’re so happy to share the details of our very first showcase event. We hosted teams from across the province in a scouting showcase on Easter Monday.  We had varsity coaches from all across the country and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the results.

We were lucky enough to have our event at the beautiful University Of British Columbia Turf Fields.  Our showcase ran from 8am – 2pm with participating teams playing three (3) 50 min games.

Each player was able to create a profile on Atleta and connect with coaches before, during, and after the showcase. This gave the coaches and scouts the ability to read, watch and learn even more about the players as they were watching them live. #NextLevelScouting

Scouts received packages with accurate information for each player in attendance.  Things like: name, contact information, birth year, graduation year, post-secondary commitment level, etc. All of this on top of the information on the player profiles on Atleta.

Every team had players speaking with (either at the event or afterwards) coaches and schools. That’s what we call “connecting” 🙂

We also want to give a big shout out to the weather, as the with sunshine out for the entire showcase. #welldonesun

The feedback we have received includes:

“Your Showcase information was excellent, very well done” – University Coach

“Thanks for the invite and congrats on a successful first showcase. I hope you are able to help build the knowledge and exposure of the MSL players. There are many strong players who don’t know how to connect with coaches (some might not even know that they might be good enough)” – College Coach

“This is already better than other showcases” – University Coach

“That event was fantastic.  Can we reserve our spot for next year?” – Youth coach

Big thank you to everyone involved and we look forward to more showcase events in all of our sports across the country!


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