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Our vision

To create an easy to use platform, that connects youth athletes with collegiate and university level coaches in Canada for recruitment and scholarship opportunities.  

About Us

Have you ever wondered how athletes get recruited into university or college sports?  How do the schools find their recruits?  What happens if a scout watches part of your game and you didn’t show well?  Are your chances of playing sports for that school now over?

Well we wondered this as well.  So, we created Atleta.

Atleta is a platform that brings athletes and coaches together all in one place for recruitment and scholarship opportunities.  If you have ever dreamed of playing sports for a college or university in Canada, let us introduce you to Atleta. With Atleta, you have access to every coach within U SPORTS and CCAA who coaches any of the popular sports in Canada we service.  They are literally a click away.  Becoming a university or college athlete has never been at your fingertips.  It is now.

The Nitty Gritty

You’ve heard of Uber right?  Well, think of us like them.  Uber connects people who need rides with people who want to give rides.  We liked that idea, so here’s our deal.

 Each athlete creates their own unique profile complete with stats, bio’s, GPA, positions, sports, videos, etc.  Coaches do the same.  Then they begin searching for each other based on any criteria they want.  Coaches can searched based on sport, position, graduating year, GPA, video content, etc.  Athletes can search based on sport, school name, program, tuition cost, geographical location, etc.  Each one comes ups with a list of search results which they can “like”.  If a coach and an athlete “like” each other, they can connect and begin chatting.  Right on the site (or the FREE app).

And as if that wasn’t enough, they can also each “check in” at any event they are attending, so that coaches and scouts can watch live games (we know nothing will ever beat watching an athlete live).  Athletes can upload their schedules and make it very simple for any coach to find them.  

Currently supporting men’s and women’s:

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Hockey 

About our founder

Atleta was founded by Kim Peterson in 2017.  Kim was an active soccer player in her youth and into her adult life.  As she moved from Alberta to BC, she began her coaching career.  In 2015, she took a position as a head coach on a u16 girls soccer team in Vancouver.  She began fielding questions about recruitment in Canada, and she found the process to be a bit antiquated.  She saw gaps which many athletes fell through and saw the need for a platform of this kind.  So she developed Atleta with the mission statement of “no athlete left behind”.  If you want to play varsity sports in Canada, let Atleta help connect you with the coach who needs you.  

Kim was recently chosen as one of “Whole and Happy’s Inspirational people” and in her own words she is “humbled and honoured” to be a part of it.  Read the full article below for some personal insights into Kim


"Some advice I have for hopeful recruits is to keep the conversation going. Something you will learn is that coaches usually take forever to reply so don’t be discouraged! Find a school that fits academically with you and be consistent with contacting and updating the coach. If possible, collect as much footage as possible as early as possible especially if you are wanting to attend a school out of province. Overall, be confident in yourself and that’s when the positive results will show"

Read Ella’s full story here


Jayden is a Vancouver based soccer player who was interested in attending a university in his home province. Playing at the highest level in BC, he assumed he had all the exposure he required in order to meet his next coach. However, it wasn't until Jayden joined Atleta in July of 2017 that he was actually able to connect with coaches that fit his needs. In August, he spoke with a coach from the University of British Columbia Okanagan on Atleta. The connection and conversation began, and the rest, shall we say, is history.

Officially signed with UBCO Heat in March 2018


Olayinka Odedoyin Age 16 Ontario, Canada "My goals are to learn from my mistakes, become one of the best dribblers in the game, to become a very good defender, to never give up no matter what, work hard every single day and to show how much I love the game of basketball. What makes me a good candidate for any College/University team is that I am a hard worker, I am a leader, I want to improve every single day and I love the game so much."

Joined Atleta November 2017, Currently has 9 coach connections 


Age 17 Hi...I am Jacob Gibson. I #lovethegame of volleyball and have played for 4 years. I play school and club volleyball for South S.S. and LVC Fire. This past summer I played beach volleyball for Team Ontario - an amazing experience! My indoor 17U season with LVC coach Patrick Johnston (Fanshawe MVB) is looking to be a wicked year, culminating with Nationals in Edmonton. See my videos (updates soon)

Joined Atleta November 2017, Currently in active conversations with 3 coaches, connected with 24 others, and attending 2 events that coaches can scout him at.  


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Canadian Coaches have active profiles on Atleta

In Kim's words...

6 years ago, I moved to Vancouver from Lethbridge AB via Calgary, and Kelowna.  5.5 years ago, I started coaching soccer.  It was an experience that forever changed my life. 

As a lifetime soccer player and more than avid supporter of the beautiful game, coaching filled a void that I didn’t realize I had.  Giving back.  As an assistant coach on a high-performance boys soccer team, I learned the ropes of coaching.  The intensity, the push, the pressure, the expectations.  I saw how much skill, effort and drive these athletes have, and how much they truly wanted to become better players.   I learned how to coach, how to demonstrate, how to explain, and unbeknownst to me, how to care for each and every athlete I coached. 

Community Support

Supporting grassroots and developmental efforts is a huge part of Atleta’s mission statement.  So, we’ve put our money where our mouth is.  

We have launched both the Atleta Partner Program and the Atleta Team Fundraising initiatives to support our sport communities.  

With the Partner Program, we rebate part of the membership fees associates with certain athletes to the clubs or organizations they are affiliated with.  These organizations can use these funds to further develop quality athletes in a joint effort to grow more Canadian talent.  #OhCanada

The Team Fundraising initiative aims to support teams who are raising funds for travel, uniforms, or any other sport related expenses.  

The Why's

Why is Atleta Important?  

There are many factors that limit our athletes ability to reach the “next level”.  We don’t believe things like financial means, geographic location, who know’s who, sport politics, etc. should be in this conversation.  So we removed them.  Lets find our amazing athlete’s and connect them with the coaches and schools that need them.  Together we can show the world how great Canadian schools and athletes truly are.

Why Should The Media Cover Atleta?

Looking for the next great thing? Want to be a part of it from the ground up?  Hoping to write a feel good story in relation to sports and youth? Want to help spread the word about a platform that will revolutionize the recruitment process in Canada?  Then you’ve just answered your own question.   

Why Your Readers/Viewers will be interested?

StatsCan estimates that 86% of kids in Canada participate in sports and 60% in organized sport.  Mention “soccer” to a soccer player or a parent of a soccer player and see how they pay attention.  Fact is, in order to retain your viewers, you need to continually find ways to reengage with them, and Atleta will do this.  We provide success stories, emotional rollercoasters, and stories of continuing optimism in the face of discouragement.  And what better thing to do than help your readers and their families achieve their dreams?  We call this win/win

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