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When one thinks of a sports scholarship, we automatically think of the amazing scholarships and full rides that are plentiful in the NCAA system. However, U Sports is no the NCAA, and the system for scholarships is very strict. In this article, we are going to first look at the particulars of athletic scholarships here in Canada, how to get a higher scholarship while competing here in Canada, and of course how you can make money on the side.

Show me the Money!!

Athletic scholarships in Canada are governed by U Sports, but for the schools themselves, they will be governed by the conferences that they are within. For an incoming student-athlete, which is defined as the first year he or she is registered in classes at any member school for Fall/Winter semester, you are eligible for up to $4500 in their first year. The only caveats on this money are you need to be registered at the school and to have obtained at least an 80% average in high school or CEGEP. The amount you will receive will be up to your school, but the max you will be able to see is $4500. For non-entering student-athletes, which includes transfer students, the max you can receive is $4500 as well. This would require you to be registered and to maintain a 70% average in your course work. So in a 5-year college career, you can receive up to $22500.

Mo Money Mo Problems

Now you may be saying to yourself, $4500 is not much, well if you are a good student you will be able to leverage your mind for money. Entrance scholarship for grades is some of the best ways to beef up your scholarship. This money is given by the University and is calculated by your intake grades. For instance, my undergraduate school offered me $12000 for the year due to my grades. That and my athletic scholarship allowed me to cover my first-year costs. Now, not every school allows students to double dip, but if you attend a school that does, you will be sailing on easy street.

Side Hustles to be aware of

Now just because you were not eligible for an entrance scholarship does not mean you are out of luck for some extra money. Many athletic departments will allow you to work as a referee or coordinator during the school year for intramurals. During the Summer, you can work as a Summer camp instructor, and make some serious money. As well, you can possibly get a part time job or even work on campus. The possibilities are endless, and when it comes to balancing school and sports, by the second year you will find it easy to juggle a third item, work.

Finances are never a fun thing to talk about, but when you are about to enter the university world for the first time, you best know what to expect. Scholarships are very competitive, and unless your school is well off, chances are the full $4500 is not coming your way. Thus, you need to work hard to get good grades and try for other scholarships. Plan ahead, save some money and ensure that you are going to be in a solid position financially come September.

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