How To Find Your Right Fit School

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If you’re worried about finding the “right fit” school, program and coach for you, look no further.  Atleta is here to help.

Step 1

What are your interests?  Are you interested in physical education? music? math? sciences? business?  Focus on a major that will interest you and discover careers around that.  If you have multiple interests, that’s ok too.   The more options you can create for yourself at this stage, the better off you’ll be.

Step 2

Search to find out what sort of career options you have around your interest.  Example:  If you have an interest in music, is a music teacher your only option?  Google will be your best friend in the step.

Step 3

Narrow down your school search by programs from step 2.  This can be done with our school search tool.  Utilize all of your resources at this phase.  Ask your parents, school counsellors, coaches, family members, and any other trusted advisors in your network.

Step 4

Lists.  Get a list of around 10+ schools that might interest you.  The more the better.

Step 5

Be realistic with yourself.  Make sure your lists are realistic for your academic achievements.  There is no sense in contacting a coach or applying to a school for which you don’t meet the minimum academic criteria.  Geographic locations should also be a consideration at this point.

Step 6

Contact the coaches through your portal and start the conversations.  Be prepared to chat with a number coaches and make sure you get the information you need to make the proper decision.  If you need any help writing emails, sorting out which questions to ask, etc… check out the other posts on our blog.  Remember, coaches can answer more than just questions about their team.  Utilize their experience and find out about the schools.

**Pro Tip** – know your timelines.  This process will be completed over a span of months (if not longer) as the “contact” phase is on the coaches timetable, not yours.  Make sure you plan enough time so that you aren’t rushed into any decisions!

Remember to always make the choice of school based on your academic goals.  Injuries may come and go, but an education will be there with you forever.

Good luck and Happy Connecting!



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