How to know a coach is interested in you

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Recruiting can be a bit of stressful time in a young athlete’s life, and here at Atleta, we like to make things a little easier. Recruiting is much like dating, you are trying to figure out if a coach likes you or not, and you are not really sure the signs they are giving out are actually signs of interest. Well, wonder no longer, as the team at Atleta have brought together a few key signs that a coach is truly interested in you.

Personal Contact Info

A coach does not want possible recruits calling him or her at all times of the night, and if a coach is willing to give up their privacy to you, it’s a good sign. Coaches could give you their cell phone which is not listed on the athletic site, or they could begin to email you form their personal email, rather than their school-assigned one. These are all good things, and you can utilize it to show interest or have any questions you may have upcoming answered.

Personal Letters or Correspondence

If you are in the preliminary part of recruiting, a personal letter, email or phone call is something to value. This correspondence will generally be a get to know you call or letter and will show you what the program is like, who’s who in the zoo, and some basic frequently asked questions. Typically, this will mean that you have been ranked in the second tier of their recruiting class, and your offer will need to wait what is going to happen with their top-ranked recruits. This is a great position to be in, as not only will you be on their radar, when the top recruits start to sign, you will be next in line. However, you will need to be patient and let those ranked in front of you fall into place before you will hear anything from a coach or athletic director.

Impersonal letters inviting you to camp or to fill out a recruiting questionnaire

At the very beginning, a school will not put that much time and effort into their recruiting efforts. Recruiting costs, a lot of money, and requires even more man-hours. Thus, many recruits are sent a recruiting questionnaire or invited to a camp on campus for a better look. Think of this as a request for highlight film or your upcoming schedule, they are looking for information to give you an evaluation to base their incoming class. It is critical that you respond to school’s requests, even if they same mundane. Do not stop responding to these types of correspondence until it is clear they are no longer interested or have moved to a more personalized approach as outlined above.


The level of commitment will determine where you are at the stage of recruiting, but correspondence with a coach or athletic director is a key part of the process. Make sure to be professional and showcase your talents to the best of your ability. Plus, with Atleta, you will be connected to coaches personally sooner than your classmates, and that means signing commitment letters early in the recruiting season instead of waiting around for what is left on a random school’s roster.


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