How to say “Hi” to a Coach

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Hi athletes!  It’s Kim here, Founder of Atleta.  I’m writing today to hopefully help out with a problem that I see happening on the Atleta platform all too often.  How to actually start a conversation with a coach that you have connected with.   Scary right?  Nah, we got you!

Below are some simple steps to follow that will guide you through your very first interaction with a coach.  We’ve taken these tips directly from feedback we’ve received from the coaches on our site, so honestly, it doesn’t get any easier than this!

  • Do NOT address the coach by his or her first name.Start the email with “Coach (last name)”.  This is a respect thing.  You don’t know the coach.  They don’t know you.  Be respectful of this and address them properly.
  • Coaches know that you contact or are contacted by multiple schools, so its ok to have a template email.However, do not send the exact generic email to everyone.  They are smart people, they can sniff out a generic email right away. Show some genuine interest. Mentioned something about an educational program that you are interested in, something unique about their school, or something about the team (an accomplishment, or something you like about how they play). Do your research and know what you are talking about.  This will go a long way towards peaking a coach’s interest.
  • Direct them to your highlight reel or game footage.Mention something that you are particularly proud of, or about yourself as a player that is highlighted in the footage.  Make them want to see it
  • Invite them to a game or training session.If you are not in the geographic area, mention any tournaments that you are attending, or provincials or nationals that you may be at.
  • Conclude the email respectfully.Thank them for their time and wish them luck in their season.

Example message:

Hi Coach Smith!  Thank you for viewing my profile and connecting with me on Atleta.  I am looking to pursuing a degree in economics, and I have noticed that (insert schools name here) offers a great program.  I’d be very interested to learn more.  Please have a look at the highlight and full game footage that is attached to my profile as I think it shows my strong distribution and game intelligence.   My team will be attending the Umbro Showcase May 19 – 21, with our games being May 19, 1:40 (field 1), May 20, 10:50 (field 6) and May 21, 9:15 (field 4).  If you are attending, I hope to see you out at one of my games!  Thank you for your time and good luck with the rest of your season!

#easypeasy.  Now go get ’em!

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