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Recently, our founder, Kim Peterson, was chosen as part of “Whole and Happy’s Inspiration Series.  In her words, she is “honoured and humbled to be apart of the series”.  We think its pretty cool too……

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INSPIRATION SERIES: Kimmie Peterson, Atleta Recruiting


Our second interview in our Inspiration Series is with Kim Peterson, a guest on our Radiance Retreat this year, a lifelong friend of Natasha and founder of Atleta Recruiting. Atleta’s goal is to connect athletes and collegiate level coaches to promote university and college sport participation and aid in the development of sport in Canada. Kim is a huge inspiration to us as a fellow #girlboss and entrepreneur following her heart and sharing her passion with the world. And her interview literally made us cry. It’s something magical when one woman can be so open, honest and vulnerable, and at the same time absolutely kick ass as a go-getting biz-niz lady. Kim – we are also partial to a little “we can work from bed” from time to time… Read on for some serious inspiration!

Take us through your average morning routine..

One thing everyone should know about me…. I’m an incredibly (some say annoyingly) chipper morning person.  I wake up each day with a smile, and without an alarm.  The very first thing I do is a whole body, roll in the bed, grunt oud loud…. stretch. Depending on my level of dehydration, this gratifying stretch is more often than not, cut short by a mind numbing calf cramp, but I breathe through it (yogi style).  Then, channeling my inner “cat chasing a laser light”, I frantically search my bed for my phone (maybe one day I’ll put it on my night stand like a grown up, but today is not that day).

My day begins…..Emails, Skype calls and convo’s, analytics checks, and social media updates. All from bed. 1-2 hours later, I emerge from the glow of my screen, and head to the treadmill.  #balance.   I usually run for about an hour or until my knees give out.  It clears my head, and I get to watch the sports highlights on TSN… so I feel like I have all the news I need.  Then, back to the condo for a shower and breakfast.  Finally, the major decision of the morning; work from home, or the office share I have.  This is mainly weather dependent.  Rain = work from the couch in PJ’s.  Anything but rain = head into the office and remember how to interact with other human beings in the flesh.  I skill I fear I’m losing.  And my day is off…..

What’s your hot beverage of choice?

Well… I am allergic to caffeine.  And is there any alcohol that tatstes good warm?  So I’m gonna have to say I don’t have one.  Steamed milk?

What are your non-negotiables? ie. the things that are absolutely key to your happiness in life.

My passport, soccer, laughter, quality friends.

What/who/where is your go-to when you’re in need of some inspiration or uplifting energy?

Soccer field.  I run without realizing I’m exercising.  I lose myself in the game.  I forget any stress of the day, and just play.  In my world, a soccer field will kick any therapists ass.

Who do you admire and why?

My mom.  She taught me so much.  That when life throws you problems, you put them in a red balloon and let them float away.  That you can always find something to laugh about, no matter what. And one of the most valuable pieces of “career advice” she ever told me was, “when a client asks for something, confidently say “yes”.  Then shit your pants trying to sort out how to get it done.”

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Literally every day.  When you run a web based business, and aren’t really the “techy type”, you do a lot of “firsts” every day.  #whatisgrowthhacking?

Was there a catalyst or turning point that made you decide to follow your heart and build your business?

Most definitely.   I was in the investment industry for 16 years.  Advising people on how much to save for retirement, what to invest it in, and how to plan out their lives. I felt like I was helping people, I made a good living, could do what I wanted, no complaints.  Everything in my life was “on point”.  Until… Jan 6 2013.  The worst day of my life.  The day I got the call at 4 in the morning that my mom died.  My world stopped.

My mom, (along with my help) had been planning to retire at age 60.  She had always wanted to write a book.  She said she had a plot planned out, a title, and even a “pen name” she would write under so no one would know it was her.  But she couldn’t tell us, because she wanted to do it all on her own; when she had time; when she retired.  She died 9 months before her 60th bday.  Her book will never be written. Her plotline will never be told.  Her pen name, never used.   I lost the passion for my work.  How could I tell people to budget for their retirement, and not take that vacation, when I no longer believed the words coming out of my own mouth?  I felt dirty.  Uninspired.  It was time for a change.  So I changed companies.  I tried for another 3 years to find happiness with other companies.  Other roles.  But I couldn’t.  The one saving grace throughout this whole time was my coaching.  Developing, pushing, and growing athletes gave my life meaning. So 3 years later, I decided I wasn’t going to wait… Instead… I jumped.  Directly into founding Atleta Recruiting.

What has been the most challenging part?

Self doubt.  I cant tell you many days I’ve cried (multiple times and for multiple reasons).  “Ugly crying” in the morning because I don’t know how to do something, and Google and Youtube (godsends that have saved me so many times) have let me down.  Honestly, WHAT IS GROWTH HACKING??

“Happy crying” in the afternoon because an athlete who lives in somewhere I’ve never heard of, reached out and thanked me for developing my site and shared their story. This is why I do what I do. Somehow everything from the morning fades away. I am invincible!!

And then comes the “tired cry” (turns out, I’m not invincible).. When its 3 am and I’m still working on what I couldn’t figure out from the morning.  By this point I’ve exhausted wiki, youtube, reddit, anything else millennials use to share information (god bless millennials).  And yet…. Here I sit.  Hair a mess, red eyed, blubbering, headache ridden, unable to sleep, and thinking I’ve let the literal WORLD down.  It’s exhausting.

But somehow it’s all worth it.

What has been the most rewarding part?

This may sound incredibly cheesy, but reading the kiddo’s bio’s on my site makes me smile so much.  Hearing their dreams, what they’ve accomplished so far, and how much hope they have literally keeps me going.  I don’t know the kids, but I feel connected with them; I won’t let them down.  I will work harder ever day in order help them.  It’s an odd feeling to be this attached to your work, but the possibilities make it incredibly addictive.

What are you most grateful for today?

Besides millennials, share sites and my amazingly supportive friends and family, I will always be the most grateful for the 33 years I had with my mom beside me.  To this day, somehow she still gives me strength, advice and love. I will never stop being grateful to her and for her.

What does Whole & Happy mean to you?

Portugal.  For 7 women scattered around the world… this will make sense.  For everyone else… I hope you find your Portugal.  It’s the place where you unexpectedly find your comfort zone.  It’s a place where within days, you connect with perfect strangers in a real, deep, and unforgettable way.  Where you are comfortable enough to tell these “strangers turned loved ones”, that you still can’t say the word “mom” without crying.  Where you can drink bottles of wine, dance the night away in your own backyard, and puke in a ziplock bag without judgement.  It’s the place you can just be.  And where that is just enough.  Whole and Happy for me will always mean Portugal.

What does balance mean to you?

Balance to me means goals.  I have a goal of balance in my life.  Where I can work, wherever I happen to be.  Where I can leave on a whim, without giving the “proper amount of notice”.  Where I can support local community endeavours without limits of time or money.  It means being able to run and sit all at once.  Where I can be happy, productive and fulfilled.  These are my goals, and this is  where I’ll find balance.

Do you have any words of wisdom or inspiration for our followers?

I read a book called the 4 hour work week, and in it, I found incredible inspiration.  I have a HUGE, almost paralyzing fear of failure.  What would I tell people?  How would I face anyone ever again?  How would I look myself in the mirror?  In this book, it tells us to think about whatever we are afraid of, and think of the absolute worst case scenario.  Think about if you left your well paying job to chase a dream.  What is your worst fear from that?  Failure?  Explaining how you failed?  Then talk through in your head how you would address that.  Would you miss a couple mortgage payments?  Have to sell your home? Have to tell your friends that you followed a passion that didn’t work out?  Then what?  You would keep going.  You would take the next step.  And at the end of it, you would realize, that even your worst fears, aren’t really all the bad.  If there is one thing I would say to your followers, it would be: “if you can’t stop thinking about it, it’s worth the risk.  In reality, the risk isn’t that big”.

How can people find out more about you and your work?

IG – atletaofficial 

FB – Atleta Recruiting

Twitter – @atletaofficial

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