June 2018 Coach of the Month

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Meet: Paul Pedersen – University of British Columbia, Men’s Soccer 

A: Tell us a little bit about you:

PP: I’m very proud to be part of the most decorated Men’s University Soccer program in Canada. The professional environment and world-class facilities make it a joy to come to work every day.

A: How have you found your recruits in the past? 

PP: Showcase Tournaments, league play.

A: What do you look for in a new recruit?

PP: I look for a player who embodies what a UBC Thunderbird is and is a good ambassador of the UBC brand. Everyone is looking for the best player but I look for the whole package.

A: What is one piece of advice would you give anyone interested in playing sports in university?

PP: Do your research on the schools you are interested in. And also you never know when someone is watching, so train, play and conduct yourself in a professional manner.

A: What should an athlete ask a prospective coach to help determine if that school/team/coach is a good fit?

PP: How many and what positions are you looking to fill in their graduating class.

A: What challenges do you see your players struggling with as a student-athlete?

PP: I think the biggest struggle is managing the riggers of training four/five times a week, two games on the weekend combined with the workload of the academics at a top university. I think time management is key to success at any post-secondary institution.

A: What are your thoughts on Atleta?

PP: I am so excited to see a company dedicated to Canadian schools! So many people discount the Academics and the Athletics of Canadian post-secondary institutions.

A: What is important for the athlete to highlight in video footage? and how important is video footage to you and your recruitment process?

PP: I think it is important to showcase the things you do great. It is something you are going to use to grab the coaches attention.

A: What are some of the worst mistakes you’ve seen athletes make when creating video footage?

PP: Too long, bad music and narration from the camera person. Remember it is a high-lite of your abilities.

A: Tell us a little bit about your school, your athletic department, and/or your team (Humblebrag)

PP: U.B.C. ranks among one of the top 30 public Universities in the WORLD. Our Men’s Soccer program holds 13 National titles, which ranks us #1 in Canada. We have a proud tradition of competing every year to win a national title.

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