March Coach’s Interview

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Meet Ken King
Red Deer College Women’s Basketball

A: Tell us a little bit about you

KK: This is my fourth season at RDC and we are seeing great progress with our group. There is a core that has moved from their first year to, now, third-year together and they are really beginning to flourish with the pieces that have come in around them. We focus on the mental game a lot by using principles of empathy, growth mindset, and vulnerability to build our athletes as people AND as basketball players.

A: How have you found your recruits in the past?

KK: Largely good old fashioned elbow grease. Found all three internationals by calling around and networking our way to them and almost every other roster player is a result of in-person scouting and recruiting.

A: What do you look for in a new recruit?

KK: We want athletes in the top percentile in our three “key personality pillars”. These are Effort, Energy, and Attitude. We want recruits who are willing to work hard day in and day out whether there is instant gratification or not. We want recruits who have energy that is positive and spreads positivity and not negativity. And, lastly, we want an attitude that follows our #1 team value of “get over yourself” and puts the team before themselves.

A: What is one piece of advice would you give anyone interested in playing sports in university?:

KK: Work hard for it. Coaches notice that hard work. Eventually, the right coach will want you for the right reasons. Don’t get recruited by being something you’re not. It will come back in a bad way for you and the team.

A: What should an athlete ask a prospective coach to help determine if that school/team/coach is a good fit?

KK: What style of defence/ offence do you play? How many spots are available? What are the values of your program? Can I get that in writing?

A: What challenges do you see your players struggling with as a student-athlete?

KK:  Time management and being willing to ask for help are common problems. We can always do something to help. Our goal is to make you as independent as possible, but that never means that asking for help is not an option.

A: What are your thoughts on Atleta?

KK: I’m excited to have a Canadian based recruiting service that allows us to connect with athletes. There’s so much talent here that will flourish because of the added guidance.

A: What is important for the athlete to highlight in video footage?

KK: Don’t “highlight” anything. Show me full quarters, or full games.

A: What are some of the worst mistakes you’ve seen athletes make when creating video footage?

KK: Showing the same play multiple times and not including any defensive possessions.

A: Tell us a little bit about your school, your athletic department, and/or your team

KK: Red Deer College is a college that offers certificates, diplomas, and full degrees. We are a little over an hour from both Edmonton and Calgary and are deeply entrenched in the Red Deer community as a whole. Our department has a history of national success throughout, and is strong with teams competing in soccer, hockey, cross country/track, curling, basketball, and volleyball.

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