May 2018 Coach Interview

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Meet: Tory Walker

School and Sport : Providence University College Women’s Soccer

Tell us a little bit about you: Hi my name is Tory Walker and I am the women’s soccer coach at Providence University College. I was born and raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario and now live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I love the game of Soccer.

How have you found your recruits in the past? : Every year I continue to create connections across Canada. I normally have a few recruiting trips each year where I meet potential recruits.

What do you look for in a new recruit? : My first priority in recruiting is finding people of character first, skill second.

What is one piece of advice would you give anyone interested in playing sports in university?: The one piece of advice would be: “Make sure you do the most to enjoy the 4 or 5 years you get to play in university. The time flies by to fast, make sure you take the time to invest in the friendships along the way.”

What should an athlete ask a prospective coach to help determine if that school/team/coach is a good fit? : A student-athlete should ask the coach about their retention rate. I think one of the most telling things about a program is if they are able to keep players around for more than one or two years. If you have a high retention rate there is a great chance people in that program love what’s going on there.

What challenges do you see your players struggling with as a student-athlete? : The biggest challenge I see is for first-year players learning how to manage their time. The transition from high school to university is a difficult one and learning to manage time is an essential skill that all student-athletes will need to learn… either the easy way or the hard way.

What are your thoughts on Atleta? : I am really impressed with Atleta. From the short time I’ve been using this program, it seems like a great and safe way to connect athletes with coaches.

What is important for the athlete to highlight in video footage? and how important is video footage to you and your recruitment process?: I think having a highlight video shows me as a coach how serious you are as a player, and that you are putting time into a big decision. I don’t necessarily make my decision of a player based off of a video. Getting to know a player’s character and personality is the most important part in the recruitment process for me.

What are some of the worst mistakes you’ve seen athletes make when creating video footage?: Some athletes focus too much on the self, rather than the team aspect. A player is only as strong as the team.

Tell us a little bit about your school, your athletic department, and/or your team (Humblebrag): Providence is one of the only schools in Canada that competes in both a Canadian league (MCAC) and an American league (NCCAA). Providence competes Provincially and Nationally. This past year our women’s soccer program made the national final in our American league and placed 2nd in the nation. Providence has some of the best grass fields and training facilities in all of Manitoba. Providence coaches are experiences full-time coaches that are committed to growth, development and long-term success. Providence is committed to surrounding out student athletes with as much help and support to help them develop in athletics, academics as well as into great people of character. Our moto at the university is to create difference makers in the world and that’s what we strive for.


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