My Saskatchewan Tour

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As my Saskatchewan tour comes to an end, I look back on my time there with surprise and admiration.  Commonly known for its grain farming and potash, “Sask” also bills itself as the “Land of Living Skies” as it has magnificent sunsets, blue skies with puffy white clouds, northern lights, awesome storm skies, etc. I was able to see all of these skies while I visited, and can personally attest to the stunning sight. 

While roaming around the downtown streets of different cities in, I also noticed a large number of residents proudly adorning “SASK” gear.  Hoodies (bunny hugs as they are known here), t-shirts, hats, etc., all proudly on display for everyone to see.  And let’s not even talk about #ridernation.  If you are ever in the province, attend a Saskatchewan roughriders game.  You won’t regret it. 

Now, let’s take acloser look at the three schools I was lucky enough to visit, tour, and meet some staff!

My first stop was in Lloydminster, AB/Sask, at Lakeland College.  The college itself is nestled beside a community park and a conveniently located aquatics centre.  Offering nearly a hundred programs and course in 13 different areas of study (including university transfer programs) this school provides a lot to its students. With smaller class sizes, unique programs such as energy and petroleum technology, and fire and emergency services, this school is worth your consideration. 

Lakelands athletics department, the Lakeland Rattlers, support basketball, volleyball, soccer, futsal, cross country, curling, rowing and one of only a few school to offer rodeo as a varsity sport. If you are looking for unique programs, smaller campuses and class sizes, along with the ability to fulfill your college athlete dreams, this just might be the school for you.    

Pretty sure we’re the only university in Canada that has both stunning architecture and a campus barn”

It should be noted, that I was only is Saskatoon for a day, and unfortunately it was on a Sunday, so the campus wasn’t open, so I was not able to take a tour.  I did however wander around the grounds on my own, and was awe struck by the beauty of this campus.

The campus truly reminds me of a castle village.  Something you might see in Scotland or other places in Europe.  With beautiful architecture, massive well maintained green spaces, and gorgeous passages ways between the buildings, it should also be noted, it appears this school also has tunnels for students to utilize to avoid the cold winter weather. 


Home to the Huskies’, the athletics department boasts a stunning stadium – with what I consider to be a genius hotel location – right across the street – with tons of seating for what I can assume to be massive crowd support for their athletes.

Offering bachelor’s degrees, diplomas and certificates, as well as masters and doctorial programs, this campus could be the right one for you.  Supporting 13 different varsity teams, the Huskies have a proud history with over 100 Canada West and 25 CIS (USPORT) titles.

Full Disclaimer – I spent multiple days on this campus and participated in the schools Cougar Elite Women’s Soccer Camp while visiting, so I might be biased!

This school, staff, and community are a breath of fresh air.  And quite possibly the nicest on campus residences I’ve seen.  Honestly, nicer than my home.  The newly renovated College West, really is something special.

The athletics facilities are top notch (gymnasium, fitness, rehabilitation, etc), and as I toured the campus with Cougar Women’s Soccer Team Head Coach, Bob Maltman, he glowed when he spoke about the growth of the school, and happily pointed out all of their all academic  All-Canadian athletes.  Clearly academics are important to this coach.

We toured the athletics department, and I was able to see a demonstration of their concussion testing and athletic (as well as applications in other fields of study) neurological advancement techniques.  According to the school, the machines they use are unique to only the U of R and UVic, and I have to say, they were challenging.  I can completely understand how repeated use of these “games” could increase your concentration, decision making, and ability to asses game situations. This was truly a fascinating part of the tour and a unique offering of this school.  The U of R supports their Cougars and Rams in 13 different sports


Most of the buildings on campus are linked with underground routes to avoid wintery days, and there is a beautiful courtyard in the middle of the school for meetings (or, as on the day I was there, water fights).  The school also boasts 2 colleges right on campus for the varying needs (academic, scheduling, and financial) of its students.


I would have to say that overall, this school surprised me.  It has a sort of “homey” feel to it, and is certainly one that any hopeful recruit should consider.  

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