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May 2018 Athlete of the Month
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Name: Emily Thomas Gender: Female City: Coldstream Country: Canada Province: British Columbia Age: 16 Years GPA: A- Graduating Year: 2019 Jersey Number: 9 About: I…

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April 2018 Athlete of the Month
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Meet Kate Wagner Kate is a 16-year-old hockey player from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.   She is a defensive player who can play right (preferred position)  or…

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March Athlete of the Month
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Meet: Orsula Staka My name is Orsula, I’m 17 years old and attending Grammar High school in Dubrovnik, Croatia. I’m an excellent student and have straight A’s.…

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Do you need quality footage?
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We gotcha! We are rolling out a pilot program with Sports Revolution to help you get the footage you need to showcase your skills.  If you…

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Need help with more than just connecting?
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We gotcha! Want to know more about how to get recruited for athletics in Canada?   Join us for one of our webinars and let…

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Meet Sarah Hogue – Feb 2018 Athlete of the month
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I am currently a middle on the 17u cats team based out of Brandon Manitoba. I played my high school season for the dauphin varsity…

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