October 2018 Interview of the month

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Meet Paul Armbruster
Associate Director of Athletics and Recreation
Ambrose University

A:How have you found your recruits in the past?
PA: Our coaches have found recruits in several ways of attending tournaments, athletes contacting us, alumni and supporters letting us know about potential players, etc.

A:What do you look for in a new recruit?
PA: While each of our coaches would have their own specific characteristics they would look for, some traits that would be common among us are leadership skills, athletic ability, work ethic, and the ability to focus and learn.

A: What is one piece of advice would you give anyone interested in playing sports in university?
PA: Don’t worry about how good you are today, focus on how good you can become.

A:What should an athlete ask a prospective coach to help determine if that school/team/coach is a good fit?
PA: What is your coaching/leadership style? What is your culture like? What are your core values? Where do you see me in your depth chart? What is the scholarship offer? What academic programs does your school offer?

A:What challenges do you see your players struggling with as a student-athlete?
PA: The challenge of managing time demands with school, sports, and life. The challenge of growing isn’t easy, it means handling difficulties, it means pushing yourself, it means changing things, it means not becoming complacent, etc…these are not easy roadblocks to overcome but its very rewarding when we do.

A: What is important for the athlete to highlight in video footage? and how important is video footage to you and your recruitment process?
PA: Have a portion of valuable testing information, a portion of you performing each skill, and a portion that contains continuous game action vs a few different opponents.

A: What are some of the worst mistakes you’ve seen athletes make when creating video footage?: PA: Not containing continuous game action.

A: Tell us a little bit about your school, your athletic department, and/or your team (Humble brag):
PA: Ambrose University is a Christian Liberal Arts University located in Calgary, AB. We offer academic programs in three areas, Arts and Science, School of Ministry, and Seminary. We compete in the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference with Men’s and Women’s teams in the sports of Soccer/Basketball/and Volleyball. We have a great school community, are a growing department in many ways, have a newer campus that offers smaller classroom sizes, and blessed with quality staff and coaches. Our Athletics mission statement is “Pursuing Excellence. Building Family. Becoming Disciples.”.

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