Recruiting 101

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High school is a difficult time, you are balancing friends, sports and of course your future. Atleta is a road to your future in U Sports/CCAA, and no matter what sport you are pursuing, the basics of recruiting 101 remain the same. We are going to dive into some of the things you need to think of, and of course how to execute them.

Gather Information

Your first step needs to be gathering information.  Like any project, you need to be able to devote time and energy to this. As well, it is never too early to start and should be started by the end of your Junior year. Begin by gathering information on things such as team and coach profiles, statistics, ranking and academic offerings. As things change, you will need to update your information, but this kind of prep work will make choices a little easier in the future.

Build Your Team

A student-athlete is only as good as the team around them. Thus, before you start to talk to schools you need to surround yourself with a team that will help you be successful. This can include people such as your parents, high school coach, club coach, college advisor, guidance counsellor, prospect or even a personal mentor. You will also need to ensure you have advance goals that are set far in advance. These team members will help oversee these kinds of events and things:

– Financial aid/scholarships

– Admissions

– Campus visits

– Scheduling standardised testing

– Organising communication “role

– Researching college profiles and determining potential compatibility

– Development of target calendar

– Research (schools, majors, athletic programs, rankings)

– Video and profile development

– Planned communication and contact log

Develop and Execute your Plan

When you are looking to get to the next level, you need to have a plan and be able to execute it. Much like the corporate role, a knowledgeable consumer will have a clear edge in the pursuit of the attainment of any worth product. Make a commitment to organise the information and execute on those plans.


Communication is the key to success, and this could not be truer than during the recruiting process. No matter if you are a star athlete, or someone looking for a chance, the communication between a coach and the family can make the difference. Let the athlete drive the conversation, but have a plan on what you want, and what direction you are looking to go. Now get on the field, and let Atleta take you to the next level.

Atleta is the premier choice for athletes looking to get to the next level in Canada, with our platform, your profile will be pipelined to college coaches across the country. No matter if you are in hockey, basketball, volleyball or anything in between, the team at Atleta is your best choice to get you to your dream school. Sign up today, and see why so many have already realised their athletic dreams with Atleta.

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