StFX, SMU, Dalhousie – decisions decisions decisions.

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Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

I’ve been in Nova Scotia for the past 4 days and had the pleasure of visiting all 3 of these incredible campuses.  Let’s just say, my eyes have been opened to the east coast advantages!

I would also like to say that visiting these schools gave me a renewed sense of pride in Canadian Sports.  Becoming a university athlete is not an easy journey.  Countless days, evenings, and weekends dedicated to the team, the training, and the games, can make or break an experience.  This simply reminds me of how incredibly important it is to find your “right fit” school.  The school that will help make your student athlete life a positive one.  The school with coaches you admire, respect, and can learn from.  The school with facilities that make even the gym hours at least bearable.  And the school with the future teammates that will be your friends for life.  It gives me shivers just to think about the journey’s of all the hopeful university athletes on Atleta, and I hope you each find the best universities in Canada, and more importantly, the right fit school for you!  

I honestly cannot say enough about the aesthetic of this place. In a word…. Stunning.  It gave me a nostalgic feeling immediately. Although I’ve never personally been to any IVY league school in the USA, this campus somehow reminds me of that (or at least what I’ve seen in the movies! J) The campus is a mix of old and new.  Old school feeling with newly constructed buildings, and a residence which is incredible.  Loads of green grassy areas provide the perfect visual contrast to the brick and white buildings.


StFX Campus

The school has a “homey” feeling to it.  I spent a full day with the Atlantic First 50 Camp that was being hosted on site  I spoke with the athletes, watched the training sessions, cried at the  result of the England vs Croatia game, and of course, ate in the food hall.    The entire campus is walkable and easy to navigate. The food was typical campus fair. But the current attending varsity athletes and coaching staff were unbelievably welcoming.  It truly did feel like home.

SMU Campus

This is one of the smaller campuses I’ve seen, but it packs a powerful punch.  While I visited, the soccer fields and basketball courts were jam packed with summer camps for kids. It’s such a great thing seeing current varsity athletes helping out future university athletes.  The campus itself takes up approx. 1 city block.  It is made up of mainly brick buildings with the residence being one of the tallest ones I saw.  The athletics department was buzzing and the facilities seem outstanding.  Great stadium seating to watch and support all the athletes competing in their sports.  I’ve spoken to a couple of coaches from this school, and I can personally tell you how friendly and helpful they are.  I would think you’d be a lucky athlete to be coached by these professionals! 

Although I only spent a short time at this school, I can 100% see the appeal for someone looking for a smaller campus with bigger interaction.

One word…. Massive!  This school was huge.  It is also celebrating its 200 year anniversary, so you can imagine the mix of history and innovation throughout. I have nicknamed this school, “SMU’s noisy neighbour”.  Literally a 2 minute drive down the road, this campus is blocks upon block in size, and I’m still not sure I saw the whole thing.  Close to the hospital, I noticed several medical and research buildings as well as a vibrant student life.  Lots of little stores, restaurants and other shops litter the streets around and on campus.  It doesn’t seem like you’d ever need or want to leave.

Dal Campus

A quick drive past the athletics department showed off a very impressive stadium which I am assuming is used for both football and soccer amongst all the other USPORTS teams this school proudly supports.  There were no camps or training sessions happening during my short tour, but I can image this being hub of activity during the seasons. 

As my four days in Nova Scotia come to an end, I’m so happy I came out here.  The friendly people, picturesque setting, and sunshine and blue skies made this one of my favourite stops.  If you are lucky enough to be considering one of these schools in your “right fit” list, I highly recommend a campus tour. Each school has its own unique feel, specialization’s, and advantages, and I can say that visiting them in person is a must! 

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