The Do’s and Don’t’s of Game Film

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When it comes to producing a top end game film for scouts, the task can seem a little daunting. No matter how much editing software you invest in, or the amount of time crafting the film, it still does not seem perfect. Relax, game film is an essential part of a scout’s process, but you need to simply present the film. Let’s take a deep breath, and focus in on the do’s and don’ts of professional style game film.


Highlight yourself

If you are playing a team sport, it can be tough to spot a number on a rainy day. Do yourself a favour and simply highlight using a simple circle, or colour balance to ensure that the scout will be able to see you during the play. Make sure it is just at the beginning of the play, as some scouts find highlighting during the play distracting.

Highlight Reel style

Atleta is a great platform as it offers a variety of video slots for you to fill. If you have the tape available, ensure that you make a highlight reel style tape for scouts to see. This would include scoring chances, defensive minded plays and plays that will showcase that you are the premier option in your position. It should be around 2-3 minutes and make sure that you are choosing a variety of plays, rather than just breakaways for instance.

Have full game tape available

I have personally seen a number of young recruits coming for recruitment trips that do not make Spring camp because they did not have a full game tape available. As much as highlight reels are nice, coaches want to see an entire game to ensure that you are going to be able to compete at that next level. For example, hockey players should have a tape of every shift during a game, and a backup full game tape for a scout or a coach. This should be easy to get and will take an afternoon to edit, but believe me, it is going to be worth your time in the end.



Having a highlight reel to the latest Drake song might seem like a great idea, but it is terrible in practice. First off, a coach or a scout does not care about your music choices, and they will be watching it on mute. Further to that, many schools have firewalls that prevent music that has Copywrite implications to be played, and that means your tape will not be able to be seen. Do not waste your time, or your coaches and ensure that your tape can be seen by the people you want to play for.

Full game tape without editing

No scout wants to sit through your entire basketball game unless they are scouting you further. When it comes to game tape, you need to cut it down and make it accessible. You will need the full game tape later on, but for your spot on Atleta, keep it short, cut down and make sure it showcases you and your skills.

Horrible Quality Tape

When it comes to filming, scouts are no longer going to accept a game film that looks like it was filmed with a potato. Go Pro’s are a great option for those looking to keep things on a budget. It will allow you to have a great video, and some unique camera angles that traditional cameras will not allow. Ensure that you are either covering a whole zone, or the entire playing surface and let the camera do its thing.


Atleta is giving student athletes an opportunity of a lifetime, and the worst thing imaginable is poor game film prevents a student from getting to the next level. Ensure that you are following these do’s and don’ts and let us help you get to the next level.

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