The value of playing university or college sports

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Besides the competition, suiting up for a university or college team may seem like a daunting task. You have to not only perform on the field to keep your scholarship, but you will need to compete in the classroom for great grades, and somehow balance a social life. This has left many pondering if university athletics are worth it? Simply put, they are, and we are going to review 5 benefits from playing sports in university.
1. Scholarships
The old adage money talks could not be more true. As a university athlete, you are not only eligible for normal scholastic scholarships for your grades, but you will be eligible for numerous athletic scholarships as well. School is expensive here in Canada, and with athletics that student loan debt can drop significantly.
2. University Education
Back when I was thinking about schools, my mom said something to me that stuck, ‘It does not matter what school you choose, they can never take away that degree.’ It is true, the value of a university education is endless when it comes to the job market. You might not get a job in your field, but the fact that you could showcase the skills you learned in the classroom will be the reason that you find a meaningful job in the first place. Plus, playing the sport you love while learning from some of the best minds in the country is never a bad thing!
3. Medical Care
We are in Canada, so naturally we have some of the best healthcare providers in the country, but as a student-athlete you are typically at the front of the line to see experts. Many universities have dedicated doctors and surgeons that they trust their athletes with. I know from personal experience when I broke my wrist, I was in surgery three days after diagnosis, rather than having to wait 2-3 weeks. Plus, you will have access to RMT and Physio-therapists that will help you mend. As an ex-athlete, I miss those perks we had on campus, especially the RMT!
4. Exposure and Experiences
As a high school athlete you have some exposure to U-18 coaches, and some provincial coaches, and if you are lucky, some scouts. On the big stage, you have everyone watching you. This means you will get to play in front of national team coaches, pro scouts and even pro teams. U-Sports allows you to not only travel Canada, but many teams take part in overseas or American tournaments to help prepare for the season. It is an experience that most college students will never have, and you might as well enjoy it!
5. Preparation for life
As a university student, you need to be prepared to live outside of your comfort zone when you graduate. That is what playing college sports is all about. You will grow and learn as a team, and be hopefully achieve success. Companies will flock to you for these skills you obtain during your college years. With your schedule, you will learn other valuable skills such as leadership, time management and how to work with others. The majority of college gradutes say they were underprepared for life after college, and yet 85% of college sport graduates say they were prepared. That is what college sports can do for you.

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