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Ok, I am just going to go out and say it, if you have an offer from any of these schools take it. It is the Pacific Coast… you know what never mind! We switch our focus to the Western half of the country, in this article that is going to review the schools in the Canada West Pacific Division. We utilised three metrics to help our decisions, athletics, academics and the location of the school, all of which combined to bring to you these results.

  1. University of British Columbia- Vancouver, British Columbia

One of the founding members of the conference, UBC is the largest school in Canada West, and is located in the best city in the country, Vancouver (Do not believe me? Google it!). The campus is large and acts as its own city during the school year. No matter if you are an outdoorsy type, or someone who loves the city, UBC has it all. Their athletic teams have been extremely successful, and the school offers all major sports in U Sports. UBC was an easy pick, their combination of athletics, location and academics makes it the top school to attend in the Pacific Division.


  1. University of Victoria- Victoria, British Columbia

Home to the Vikes, UVIC is one of the top schools in the country to attend. Their academic curriculum is extremely strong, and if you are looking at teaching, it is the best school in the province. Their athletic teams compete in all the major sports, and no matter what sport it is, UVIC seems to always be in the hunt for a championship. Plus, living in Victoria is truly a gem in itself, it offers everything you need and more.


  1. Thompson Rivers University- Kamloops, British Columbia

Nestled in the foothills of central British Columbia, Thompson Rivers is a true gem in the Pacific division. The school is relatively new, which naturally means that the athletic facilities are top notch. In fact, the BC Lions use their facilities for their training camp. The school itself is strong and has one of the best long distance learning options in the country. Their volleyball team is strong, and the rest of their U Sports teams are competitive. Kamloops is a great community, and you will quickly fall in love with the city.


  1. University of British Columbia -Okanogan- Kelowna, British Columbia

UBC-O is the secondary campus of UBC, and it is truly a great campus. You will enjoy a close-knit campus community and some of the best athletic facilities in the province. The school is new, but it does offer a UBC style degree, and that is worth a lot. Plus, you get to live In one of the best vacation spots in the country. If you love wine, skiing and amazing summers, you will love UBC-O


  1. University of the Fraser Valley- Abbotsford, British Columbia

The home to the Cascades, UFV has quickly found a niche in getting into national championships that no one expects them to make. The program has quickly grown, and the coaches are young and eager. The school itself has a few steps to get to the level of the other schools before it, but it is getting there. The school is located in Abbotsford, and although only 50 km away from Vancouver, the distance will seem like an eon.

  1. Mount Royal University- Calgary, Alberta

A smaller school in Calgary, Mount Royal is the only school in Alberta in the Pacific Division. The school is top notch and was one of the members to join the conference in 2001. Their teams have struggled to get to the next level, but the teams are competitive. The travel for the teams is what drops their rank to sixth.


  1. University of Northern British Columbia- Prince George, British Columbia

One of the newer schools in the conference, UNBC is the only higher learning location in Prince George. Travel is rough for the teams at UNBC, but the close-knit community that the school has fostered has allowed it to prosper. This school is perfect for those who like to get outdoors, and for those that a long bus ride is their ideal Friday afternoon.


  1. Trinity Western University- Langley, British Columbia

Trinity Western is the only private school in Canada West and is one of the few Christian higher learning faculties in the country. Academically the school is good and has a focus on Christian theology and other liberal arts degrees. Their volleyball and basketball teams are both solid, and you will see their teams at nationals a few times a decade. One thing to know, you will have to sign a charter upon attending this school, so make sure to read up on it, and how it will affect your education and future.

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