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The rolling hills of Saskatchewan, and the mountains of Alberta… oh yeah and Manitoba, I always forget about Manitoba. These provinces are the home to the Canada West Prairie Division. As we move East from the prior Pacific Divisions review, the schools in the Prairie Division are home to some of the biggest powerhouses in the country. With that in mind, and with our three-tiered ranking system that includes location, academics and athletics, here are the top Prairie schools to consider.

  1. University of Calgary- Calgary, Alberta

Home to the Dinos, the University of Calgary is a dominant force when it comes to athletics. The teams are always in competition for the national championship, and the gym has run out of room for all the Canada West banners they have earned. The school itself is an academic institution that is known on the world stage, and with great professors, and smaller classes, students at U of C love it. Plus, living in cowtown is an experience that will make It tough to leave this great city.


  1. University of Alberta- Edmonton, Alberta

No matter if you are a Golden Bear, or a Golden Panda, your experience at U of A will be one to last a lifetime. One of the biggest draws to U of A is the level of study, with world-class academics, and even better labs, the science and nursing programs are some of the best in the country. Athletically, the teams are competitive, and offer a wide range of success depending on the sport. As well, Edmonton makes for a great home, and will allow you to become an Oiler or Eskies fan, but make sure to always worship the great one, and the 1980’s.


  1. University of Manitoba- Winnipeg, Manitoba

Home to the Bison, the University of Manitoba is one of the true leaders in both liberal arts and science degrees. No matter what your passion is, U of M can make it happen. Athletically, the teams have seen great success on the field and often has their teams in the national championship. Winnipeg… is well cold. But you will quickly fall in love with the close-knit community, and as long as you are wearing some jets gear you will get along fine.


  1. University of Saskatchewan- Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

If you love wheat fields, you are going to love U of S. We joke, but the school is a great option for those who want a little bit of everything. The teams are solid, the school is great, and of course, Saskatoon offers just enough to keep you entertained, but not enough to get you in trouble. No matter if you are playing football, or volleyball, the Huskies will be a great experience for the rest of your life.


  1. University of Winnipeg- Winnipeg, Manitoba

Often overlooked due to U of M, the great people of the University of Winnipeg are worth a look at. Although they have struggled in recent years in many sports, the teams have amazing coaches and some of the best trainers in the country. Academically, the school is great and will offer you a variety of programs that can lead to a solid job after graduation. Winnipeg is a great town, and you will quickly see why you will need to buy a Canada Goose jacket at the Forks.


  1. University of Regina- Regina, Saskatchewan

Home to the Cougars and the Rams for football, the University of Regina is one of the staples of Canada West. The city of Regina is truly great, and with the Riders, and the RCMP in town, you will rarely find yourself bored. The Cougars have had mediocre success nationally, but seem to always fall in mid-table in Canada West. Regina is a lifestyle that you will quickly get used to, and no matter what sport you play, you better start to love green.


  1. University of Lethbridge- Lethbridge, Alberta

Lethbridge is one of the smaller schools in the conference and yet has continued to deliver top notch athletics and academics for their student athletes. The town truly rallies around this great school and no matter what sport, the house is always packed. The school has some great coaches, and ebbs and flows in its success on the pitch. Academically, you will quickly see why Lethbridge is a top school to attend in the sciences and arts. Go canes, and if you do not know what that is, you will find out quickly.


  1. MacEwan University- Calgary, Alberta

Nestled in Calgary, MacEwan has been a true powerhouse for the size of the school. This liberal arts college has one of the best political science department in the country, and you will quickly feel like you are home at MacEwan. Although not fielding a full CIS team roster, the school is competitive in the Canada West Prairie Division.


  1. Brandon University- Brandon, Manitoba

Those who attended Brandon loved it, and we are not really sure what they put in the water. The school is small, and academically they struggle to maintain top professors due to neighbouring schools that will poach. Brandon is a sleepy little town, and you will quickly embrace the road trips that the Bobcats take. However, the Bobcats do have some of the best coachings in Manitoba, so at least you will be solid on your fundamentals.

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