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We have reached the final conference, and well the West conference of the OUA is truly a powerhouse. It is home to Toronto, Kingston and Ottawa schools, and well let’s just say there are a few dollar bills in the endowments of these institutions. Naturally, these schools will be scored using our three metrics, location, athletics and academics.

  1. University of Toronto- Toronto, Ontario

The centre of the universe, of course, the University of Toronto is first on the list. Their athletic teams are coached by some of the best coaches in the country, and their teams have been seen at every other national championship. Plus, the fact that U of T is an amazing academic school, and you are in Toronto, it is a slam dunk. Just start hashtagging #6ix and you will be in.

  1. Queen’s University- Kingston, Ontario

Kingston seems like a sleepy town on the lake, but Queen’s University makes it one of the best spots to live. The city comes alive from September-April, and the support for the Gaels is like no other school in the country. Academically, Queen’s is a great school, and you will quickly see why living near Prince Edward County has its advantages.

  1. University of Ottawa

Home to the Gee-gees, this bilingual school has a lot to offer their student athletes. The campus is directly downtown and will give you access to great athletic facilities, shopping and the great eats that surround the ByWard Market. Academically, U of O is a stellar school and offers courses both in English and in French.

  1. Carleton University

The newer school in Ottawa, Carleton is an all English university that has quickly surpassed U of O in athletic achievement. The Ravens have won 13 national championships in basketball and their other teams are not far behind. The campus is set away from downtown, but a quick walk along the canal will have you in the heart of the city in a few minutes.

  1. Ryerson University- Toronto, Ontario

Home to Rams, Ryerson is situated in downtown Toronto and offers some of the best programs in the country. If you are looking at broadcast or media as a post grad opportunity, Ryerson is the place to do it. The campus is spread out, but the athletic facilities rival those at U of T. At Ryerson, you will enjoy a better student to professor ratio, and you still get to live in downtown Toronto.

  1. York University

If you can eat with a fork you can go to York. We joke, but the Lions have been a bit of a laughing stalk in the OUA for some time. The school has seen some wins, but their new coaching staff is looking to improve the school’s athletic record. Academically, York is phenomenal and will allow you to enjoy a liberal arts experience just outside of downtown. You are in Toronto… but you will not have a TTC subway stop for another couple of years, so you still only get half points.

  1. Royal Military College- Kingston, Ontario

RMC is the only military college in the country, and although their recruits are taking military training, they are one of the most competitive university teams in the conference. They are also located in Kingston, and due to military guidelines are forced to the 7th spot on our list. Academics are somewhat limited here, and the rules that govern your movements while in Kingston are quite strict. But, you get university fully paid, so that is always a nice thing!

  1. Trent University- Peterborough, Ontario

Trent is a quaint school, in a quaint town. The school itself is decent, and some of their programs are world renowned such as their Canadian Studies Program. Athletically, the Excalibur are competitive but lack the funds for the big schools for facilities. Plus, Peterborough, otherwise known as the Peter Patch may get a little stale after your first year on campus. But at least you get some road trips!

  1. Laurentian University- Sudbury, Ontario

Home to a big nickel… and no we are not kidding, Laurentian is extremely competitive considering its size and location. Sudbury is a bit of a drive for away games, but the close-knit community is always out at Voyageurs games to support the school. Academically, the school is small but is well established in multiple disciplines. Seriously though, they have a big nickel.

  1. Nipissing University- North Bay, Ontario

Sitting in Northern Ontario, Nipissing is the diamond in the rough. The school itself is one of the oldest in the province having been established in 1909. The building is modern, and you will quickly see why so many northern Ontario students choose this amazing school. The Lakers do not win a lot, but you will enjoy lake country like no one else during the offseason.

  1. University of Ontario Institute of Technology- Oshawa, Ontario

Nuzzled into the GTA, UOIT sits in the suburb of Oshawa. The school itself has some amazing programs and is part of the reason it is not last. However, the school does lack school spirit, and the athletic teams are often at the bottom of the U Sports standings. At least you are only a Go Train away from Toronto?

  1. Algoma University- Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Algoma is a new kid on the block for the OUA, and since making the jump up from the college ranks, have seen limited success. The school is very small, 1300 in fact, and thus struggles to field teams on a regular basis. As well, the Sou is not the young person town it once was, and you will start to wonder if you can just stay at other schools during your road trips.

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