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We have made our way around the country, and will finish off with the most dominant conference across all sports, and how are you even surprised? The Ontario University Athletics conference is split into two divisions, and we will be diving into the western conference first, or otherwise known as the little city conference. Naturally, we are basing these rankings on three metrics, academics, athletics and of course location.

  1. University of Western Ontario- London, Ontario

Home to the Mustangs, the purple uniforms of Western can be seen across the country at various national championships. No matter what sport it seems, the Mustangs seem to be always dominant. Academically the school is strong and showcases a great law and science program to boot. London is not a huge town but will allow you easy access to either Detroit or Toronto, and there are always enough Knights games to keep you occupied.

  1. McMaster University- Hamilton, Ontario

The hammer is a blue-collar town, and that is what the Marauders portray while on the court. The teams are known for their work ethic, and have been historically hard to play against. The school itself was a founder of the OUA, and their teams have kept a winning tradition going forward. Academically, you will find yourself a great home, and many of the programs will open doors you did not know existed.

  1. University of Guelph- Guelph, Ontario

The city of Guelph is one of the key reasons this university is listed at third, anyone who goes to this school finds it extremely hard to leave. Academically, the school is top notch and has some of the top professors in their fields. However, athletically the Gryphons have had some problems placing, but you could be the difference maker they have been waiting for! Although, hey no pressure…

  1. University of Waterloo- Waterloo, Ontario

Home to Blackberry… yes, that is still a thing, the University of Waterloo is one of the top academic institutions in the country. Yet, their athletic teams struggle to be even a mid-tier school in the standings. Part of the reason for this is the high academic standard for athletes, the other part is Waterloo is a smaller university town. However, just due to pure academics, the Warriors are naturally going to be a top half school.

  1. Wilfrid Laurier University- Waterloo, Ontario

Sitting just behind Waterloo is Wilfrid Laurier, their rival. The Golden Hawks has seen some recent success on the field, and are starting to put together a truly amazing program. Getting in for the next couple of years will bode well for future national championship trips. The school has a strong liberal art feel to it, and you will enjoy the temperate winters in Waterloo.

  1. University of Windsor- Windsor, Ontario

Another strong academic school, Windsor has it all. Their sports teams are at best mediocre, but the Lancers have been improving over the years, and their coaching staffs are one of the best in U Sports. The school has a great overall academic program, and you will have lots of options for courses. Naturally, being across the river from Detroit has its bonuses, just make sure to not flinch at gun fire.

  1. Brock University- St. Catherines, Ontario

They say if you can walk and talk you can go to Brock. Brock is not known as a powerhouse in any sport, nor is it spectacular for academics. However, the town of St. Catherines is quaint, and you will quickly become a wine snob for the Niagara Wineries by the time you hit your sophomore year.

  1. Lakehead University- Thunder Bay, Ontario

Thunder Bay is really far away… like really far away from the rest of the conference. Trips for the Thunderwolves are ridiculous and that is why they are ranked at the bottom of the eastern conference. The school is mediocre, and so are their teams. Sorry Lakehead, it is all due to the road trips on this one

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