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Parlez-vous francais? Now not needed, but if you are thinking of heading to the RSEQ you might need to start brushing up on the other official language. Here at Atleta, we look to continue our review of the conferences with our three metrics, location, athletics and academics, with the conference that makes it home in Quebec, the RSEQ.

  1. Universite Laval- Quebec City, Quebec

The rouge et or is the powerhouse of U Sports. The teams representing Laval are always in the national championships, and the support of the surrounding town of Laval is truly amazing. Academically the school is great, and if you speak fluent French, the first choice in the RSEQ is normally Laval. We should also note, their facilities are top notch, and this school is as close to a NCAA feel as you will get in U Sports in terms of facilities, dominance and town support.


  1. Universite de Montreal- Montreal, Quebec

Once a bottom feeder in U Sports, the Carabins have reinvested in their teams, and the dividends are showing on the field. They have hired good, young coaches and have refocused the teams on a year over year success. As well, you get to live in Montreal, the cultural capital of the country. Scholastically, the school is very strong and is the largest French institution in Canada.


  1. McGill University- Montreal, Quebec

The largest English institution in Quebec, McGill is known to be one of the top-ranked schools in the country for academics. As well, the Redmen are always competitive in U Sports, and especially on the female side. The coaching is top notch, and the support from the university cannot be understated for their athletic teams. Plus, living in Montreal you will quickly see why once you move to la belle province, it is tough to leave.


  1. Concordia University- Montreal, Quebec

Concordia has been a dominant school in the RSEQ for well over 40 years, and with great tradition, and its location in Montreal, how could you not want to be a Stinger. The school is known for its commitment to scholastic achievement, and their speciality programs are some of the best in Quebec. Athletically, the teams are competitive and have been known to make the odd national championship.


  1. Universite Sherbrooke- Sherbrooke, Quebec

A mid-sized school in the conference, the vert et or have been a strong French language school for some time. Located in Sherbrooke, you will start to love the opportunity to travel to the big city for games, but the town itself is quaint. The school has a strong academic background and is known mainly as a liberal arts college. Your team is one of the only games in town, so you will quickly see why the crowds are always great.


  1. Bishop’s University- Lennoxville, Quebec

Another small school, Bishops is an English beacon, in the otherwise very Francophone eastern townships. The school has a strong sports background, and the only reason it is so low in the rankings is they might switch conferences to join the AUS. It is only rumoured but would make sense as they are situated on the edge of New Brunswick. Time will tell, but if you are thinking of becoming a Gaitor it should be noted.


  1. Universite du Quebec a Montreal – Montreal, Quebec

The last two schools are public schools set up by the province of Quebec in the late 1960’s. They are French language and have struggled to maintain large school populations and top professors. Athletically, the school has struggled, and you will be thankful you will be able to head to Montreal after a tough loss.


  1. Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres- Trois-Rivieres, Quebec

Ok… Trois Rivieres may sound nice now, but you will start to go a little stir crazy. The school is ok academically, but athletically they are constantly being beaten up by the big guys. However, their hockey team is top notch. You will quickly see why the boys and girls on the athletic teams always look forward to a road trip for the weekend, mainly to get away from Trois Rivieres.

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