Who We Are

Atleta.ca is an organization dedicated to the advancement of the student-athlete recruiting process in Canada.  We work to connect athletes and coaches to promote and enhance U Sport and CCAA athletics.

Its very simple.

Create a profile.  Add all of your accomplishments, titles, statistics, video clips, etc.  Use our school search tool to help you narrow down your search and find your ideal school.  Start “liking” the schools you might want to attend and play for.  Once the coach has “liked’ you back, a “chat” function opens and you have direct access to plan your future.  Oh, and don’t forget to “check in” at events you are at….. make sure coaches can find you easily!

Told you it was simple.

Who's Connecting

Who’s Behind Us

We are a dedicated team of sports enthusiasts.  Seriously…. we LOVE sports.  ALOT.  We also love helping athletes achieve their dreams.  And we thought combining the 2 passions would be nothing short of amazing.  So we did.

Our founder, Kim Peterson, is an avid soccer player, supporter (Glory Glory Man United), enthusiast, and coach.  As a coach of a U18 girls soccer team in Vancouver, she saw a need for a service like Atleta.  Some way of connecting all of the talented athletes she sees to schools who need their mad skills.  Scouting tournaments and ID camps are wonderful and certainly have a place, but there seemed to be a step missing in the recruiting process in Canada.

So she assembled her dream team of web people (she isn’t) and they went to work.

Atleta bridges that gap and allows players that may not been “seen”, to be “seen”.  We are very pleased with our site and hope you find it incredibly useful!  So go and enjoy…. and Happy Connecting!!

BTW…. in case you were wondering, Atleta is Italian for athlete.  Saluti!

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